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Having spent many years as an accountant with a London Advertising Agency where part of the duties included the running of a car fleet of over 100 vehicles, John stamp decided to break away and so JS Fleet Management was formed in 1980, as a car fleet management business.

In April 1992, the Dealership Locator Program was launched onto the market at the Fleet Operators Show, as a pc based program with regular quarterly updates of the data being sent to clients.

It was devised by a fleet manager to assist with the speedy access to this information having been developed as a tool for ourselves in the car fleet management business. In 1996 it was decided to pull out of car fleet management and concentrate on the dealership data and the name was therefore changed to JS Management.

Over the years it has been developed further to now include not only the franchised car dealerships but also those for commercial vehicles and motorcycles. It now also contains details of ancillary services, Glass, Tyres and exhaust and quick fit operators as well as LPG refueling and installation companies.

Further development, still ongoing, has seen it moved from the PC based version onto the internet and it is now totally web based. In 2007, the business was converted into a Limited Company and is now JS Automotive Data Ltd, trading as JS Management.

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